Looking for Frenchie Bulldog gifts? Or simply want to spoil yourself with some French Bulldog stuff?
The Book of Frenchies is a quality hardcover picture book with a chic design. It was created for French Bulldog lovers who take pride in their home decor and want the opportunity to show off their love for Frenchies in a modern and sophisticated way.
The book includes over 100 high-quality color photos of different types of French Bulldogs as well as a series of ‘Frenchie Facts’ to add character.
Here are the top features of The Book of Frenchies:
  • Quality hardcover dog picture book with a chic design
  • Perfect French Bulldog home decor for a dog lover
  • French Bulldog book with over 100 color photos of different types of Frenchies
  • Great French Bulldog lover gift for Birthdays, Christmas, or just because!
  • Interesting series of 'Frenchie Facts' to add character and intrigue

The Book of Frenchies - Hardcover French Bulldog Book