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Tips for Using Coffee Table Books in Your Decor


Coffee table books are a staple for every interior designer. Their versatility and utility make them a must-have piece for every design wardrobe. They’re simple yet totally stylish. They come in all shapes and sizes and, they provide color and personality, elevating any space in your home.

If coffee table books were a person, they would be that go to best friend that you turn to- you know, the one that makes life brighter by just being there! The one that makes a boring gathering fun. The one that can make you laugh even on your saddest day... OK you get the idea! (I really love coffee table books).

Not sold on their design value yet? Well, here are some tips for using coffee table books in your decor that will have you loving them as much as I do!


You can use coffee table books anywhere! These versatile companions can find their place in any space in your home- the kitchen, the home office, the console table of an entry way, the home bar, your primary bedroom the bookcase in the family room... as you can see the possibilities are many.



Coffee table books are an inexpensive way to add pops of color to a room. Many stylists go all out for a specific shade by creating a monochromatic stack of books while others use a mix of colors to complement the decor and create an eye catching look. (Pro- Tip: You can find some great coffee table books in your local Goodwill or thrift stores for very cheap prices- removing the outside cover can reveal just the color you are looking for!)


You can instantly refresh your interior decor by switching darker, more dramatic books, used in fall and winter, to light and bright ones for spring and summer months. This is a quick, easy and cost effective way to usher in the new seasons without having to change anything else in your home.


If you are anything like me, you already have a lot of coffee table books that you have acquired throughout the years. Using books you have purchased on vacation to remind you of the amazing time you had and the beautiful things you experienced is a great way to inject feeling and personality into your decor. And... don't get rid of those old coffee table books you don't really love anymore- repurpose them! Wrapping old books in a great looking wallpaper is a great hack and one I have used many times myself- it's an instant update for those old books.


Interior designers love coffee table books because they can act as a pedestal for so many items of decor. Let's face it, there is nothing chic about a bowl sitting all by itself on a bookshelf or table BUT add a few books to the mix and you create more layers and depth to the design. Designers use coffee table books to showcase anything from bowls, to candles, and even floral arrangements. Whatever you are deciding to elevate be sure to keep proportion in mind!

These are just a few tips for using coffee table books in your decor to get you started! They are great conversation starters, giving visitors and dinner guests some insight into your interests AND the are an accessory that requires little but keep on giving. And unlike trends, coffee table books are here to stay- so don't be afraid to experiment with different looks and remember to always have fun!

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