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My Favorite Wallpaper Looks

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

If you have been following me for some time then you know I LOVE wallpaper! Many people are intimidated by wallpaper but, I am a total fan and today, with the advent of peel and stick wallpaper there really is no reason to be fearful of trying a new look! Here I have put together some of my favorite wallpaper looks and areas to add a little wallpaper glow up to your home!


If you are feeling intimidated and don't want to commit to a lot of wallpaper, this is a great alternative for you! Adding a bold print to your ceilings will add elegance to your space without feeling overwhelming.




This is another great way to experiment with wallpaper without feeling overwhelmed. Spaces like shelves, closets, or a staircase should not be overlooked! These areas can provide the perfect canvas to add a little WOW to your home. Experimenting with bold prints or your favorite delicate wallpaper is easier when the spaces are smaller and not as prominent ( if you are still feeling intimidated ).




Some wallpapers are truly a work of art, with gorgeous patterns and rich colors and texture- perfect for adding a signature aesthetic to any room in your home. Treating wallpaper as a canvas that can be framed is a functional and cost effective way to introduce art into your home. Another artful way to use wallpaper is to fill in wall panels or wainscoting with your favorite pattern- adding character and unique style to the design.




A beautiful print or pattern can help delineate a certain area of your home and visually highlight different functions. Using wallpaper as an accent can help to define specific areas in your home and give awkward spaces some major Glow Up potential!




This is one of my absolute FAVORITE areas to use wallpaper! The area is small and closed off- PERFECT for letting your creativity soar and experimenting with color, texture and pattern. Even the smallest bathroom can give major WOW vibes and that is what makes it so fun to glow them up.

So now are you ready to wallpaper? Be sure to download this FREE wallpaper guide to help get you started!

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