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My Favorite Accessories

(Allyson Paris)

There is a lot that goes into the interior design of a home- the design, layout, sourcing, purchasing, installing- and lastly ACCESSORIZING! This final stage in the process is where the finishing touches are added, pulling together the overall look, while adding personal touches throughout-

It is the icing on the cake & one of my absolute favorite parts of the whole process! Here are my home accessory MUST HAVES!


Versatile and lovely! Those are the words that come to mind for me when I think about candles- they are both beautiful and functional and are a great addition to a coffee table, kitchen, bathroom or even book shelves. There really are endless ways to style them, making them perfect for filling spaces in a subtle and elegant way. Be sure to keep in mind that the scents should not compete, but instead, should compliment one another- especially, when you have several candles in adjacent spaces!


(Designs by: Lauren Zillinger /Harlowe James)

Who said books were just for reading?! Another very versatile accessory that you can use anywhere in your home to help elevate the overall look! Above are just a few examples, but you can have books enhance your decor in every room of your home.


Vases are timeless! Whether they are made from glass, ceramic, porcelain, or metals there is definitely going to be a style that fits the aesthetic of your home. Remember that vases aren't just for flowers, so don't be afraid to use them as stand alone pieces in your decor- they add character and depth to any space. Use them in bedrooms, on a mantle, in your kitchen or in your entry way- there really are no limitations!


(Allyson Paris Design)

Trays are as useful as they are gorgeous. I really like to use them in the kitchen and on coffee tables because these tend to be the places where people tend to congregate the most. They are a nice way of displaying other beautiful accessories, while keeping everything nice and tidy- and accessible!

These are really just a few of my favorite MUST HAVE accessories when I am designing homes, but there are truly so many others- don't limit yourself when it comes to adding the final, personal finishing touches to your home decor- just don't overdo it and remember to ALWAYS have fun and enjoy the process!

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