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Marvelous Man Cave

Are man caves still a thing in 2022? Yes! With Father's Day just around the corner you might be thinking about gifting the special man in your life his very own Man Cave. Creating the perfect space will depend on what interests and style the man you are creating for has- once you have that down you can begin to plan and design the man cave of his dreams! When I design any space my goal is always to elevate that space and bring in a luxurious feel without sacrificing comfort and practicality. Here are a few of my favorite man cave ideas from various sources on Pinterest (this is always a great source for anyone to draw inspiration and get their creative juices flowing!


This one, in my opinion, is one of the easier styles to design because there is so much variety in the sports world! Also, if your man is a sports fan he is sure to have memorabilia that you can use in your decor cutting down on the cost of sourcing and accessorizing. The key is put everything together in a stylish way creating a space that is elegant, comfortable and inviting.


Finding unique and fun ways to display any instruments is a great way to glow up any musician's man cave. Also, if he is going to playing his music - sound proofing the space may be something you might want to consider!


Having a gorgeous bar as the focal point of this space will really make any man cave the place to be! Whether you have a lot of space and a big budget, or little space and a limited budget you can make this look work. If your space is limited you can use a bar cart or floating shelves instead of a full bar - achieving a sophisticated, yet understated look.


Using dark, rich colors, paired with luxurious textures will add masculinity to the space. If your man is a Man's Man then he will appreciate rugged sophistication.


This one speaks for itself! If your man is a hunting enthusiast adding elements of his passion throughout the space will help pull the look together and create a man cave he will proud of.

Whatever his style, creating a man cave for the guy in your life is a great way to show him how special he is to you- much of design is creating not just a beautiful space BUT just as importantly, a beautiful feeling.

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