Light Up Your Life

Most people don't realize the vital role that lighting plays in interior design. It is not just about finding that spectacular chandelier, or the perfect floor lamp; lighting creates ambiance and can set the mood for any space. For me good design is about creating the right feeling, it's about creating and environment that evokes emotion and connection. Often, light has the power to create an atmosphere that furniture and accessories alone cannot. Lighting has biological and physical effects that can impact health and well being. Good lighting can do wonders for your mood and even your sleep patterns! So- don't ignore it... not only is it beautiful, it's good for you!

In order to crate the perfect lighting in any space and achieve the right feel I like to use various sources of lighting. When done right, layered lighting can transform any space. Following are the three fundamental elements of lighting to keep in mind when designing your home:


Ambient lighting essentially provides the foundation and general illumination of a room and elevates the sense of warmth in your space while also adding depth. Recess lights, track lights and chandeliers fall into this category.


Task lighting is used to create an environment that is free of shadows while you are going about your daily activities. Some examples of task lighting include: ceiling pendants, floor lamps, and desk lamps. This type of lighting is purpose driven, not just for decorative.


Accent lighting is the icing on the cake! The main purpose of this type of lighting is to add style and personal touch to your space while drawing attention to details and/or points of interest in your home.

In short, when you start planning your project don't forget about the lighting! Make sure to consider this very important element right from the outset in order to create a living space that is what you have always dreamed of- Elevate Your Space = Elevate Your Mood.

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