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Let's Talk Trays!

What can I say, I love trays! I use them all over my own home because they are so versatile and elevate any space. They are visually appealing, great for organizing items and decluttering, and for entertaining your friends and family. Whether they are marble, metal, wood, glass, leather, acrylic, or any other material, I can't get enough of them.

Here are some of the areas you and ways you can style trays in your home:

Bathroom Vanity

With so many things that need storage in a bathroom using a tray with some clear jars containing your essential everyday items, such as cotton balls, is a sure way to add some style. Incorporating a small vase with flowers, perfume bottles, or even some of your favorite make up items adds texture and functionality.

Kitchen Counter

If your get-togethers are anything like mine, everyone always ends up congregating in the kitchen! Having a beautiful tray on your counter or island is a seamless way to accentuate the space. Presentation is key when entertaining guests, and trays are the perfect piece to showcase your style. I always love to add a great scented candle (or a few of them!), fresh flowers, and a stylish bowl with some fresh fruit for my guests to snack on.


Ahhh the Bar tray!! Another favorite (I may have a problem!). As I have mentioned throughout my post trays are very functional and help with organization and eliminating visual clutter, two necessary components when putting together a home bar. I like to keep it versatile by adding my favorite glassware, a sexy decanter, some beautiful liquor bottles, coasters, and a cute shaker.

Always remember that balance is key, and when in doubt use the rule of 3- grouped items in 3 are more visually appealing to eye than those grouped in even numbers! Although as I always say, don't stress and make sure you are enjoying the process!

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