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Let's Talk About Closets!

If you have been on my site before, you know what I always say: every space in your home creates an opportunity for beautiful design and I am here to tell you that closets are no exception!

From huge and dreamy to tiny and tasteful your closets deserve the designer treatment! Designing the closet of your dreams may seem daunting but there are some practical tips that will help you to do just that while maintaining function and style.


That sweater from 10th grade that you still have for "sentimental" reasons... it doesn't belong in your closet! Closets are for your necessities- so clear out the clutter and make space for what matters.


Use drawer organizers! It is such a good feeling when you open up a drawer and it looks beautifully organized with everything in its proper place.


Even if you live in small home, there is still space to add some WOW to your closet. Maximize the height and use all of the depth so that nothing gets left out. Stacking is good method to use when your space is limited!

Achieving the look of luxury for your dream closet just takes a little bit of planning and imagination- remember, don't be afraid to experiment and try new things and always fun with the process!

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