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Interior Designer OR Architect... Why Choose Just One?

When building a new home or, or doing a large remodel most people aren't sure if they need to hire a designer or an architect... I say you need BOTH! Why? Because although they are distinct fields, they are connected.


On a construction project, architects are responsible for making sure that the structure, plumbing, and electrical meet the national, state, and local building code standards. They focus on exterior and interior design elements and many times are involved in designing cabinetry and selecting design elements such as flooring, tile, lighting, and certain textiles to be used throughout the home. Architects who are involved in these sorts of tasks at times either employ a designer on staff or have a designer they can recommend to the home owner.

Interior designers, handle the interior look and feel of the home. As designers, we oversee the layout of furniture, finishes, textiles, wallpaper, window treatments, paint color, and accessories for the home. Like architects, we are also involved in choosing design elements such as flooring, and lighting, although we take a more active roll in this phase making sure to look into every detail with the greater interior design plan in mind.


Designers and architects rely on each other's specialized knowledge and experience in order to bring your dream home to life. By working with both an architect and a designer, you can rest assured that your vision and needs are met at every level of the project.

It is important to have a designer and an architect on board from the very beginning so that they can share concerns, ideas, insights and updates during the process and to ensure that key details are taken into account and are not overlooked. Seemingly small details often have a big impact on the look, feel and function of your home!

The architect will provide the initial floor plan and the interior designer will take the architect's plan and use it to determine furniture placement, and begin to bring your dream interior to life. Oftentimes we work in tandem with the architect to design bathroom and kitchen layouts- or to give our input if we feel a particular element should be added or omitted.

When embarking on a major construction project, two sets of eyes are better than one! Working together, designers and architects can review scale, sizing, color, and pattern BEFORE anything is built or bought saving you time and costs! Working as a team we can catch an issue before it becomes a problem and spot opportunities we may have otherwise missed.

An architect and an interior designer both bring their own experiences and knowledge to the table. While the architect may have much experience on code ordinances and construction, a designer is more likely to be more knowledgeable in trends, flooring, finishes, furnishings and accessorizing. Blending these together is sure to give you the outcome you are looking for.

If you are looking to renovate, remodel, or build or new home please reach out to Carolina Armas Studio- we are happy to be of service for all of your interior design needs by helping you through every step of the process, from concept to reality. We truly believe that when you elevate your space, you elevate mood.

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