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I Heart Herringbone

Whether it's in the bathroom, on the floor, countertop or wall, I HEART HERRINGBONE! It is visually stunning, and gets its name from the fact that the pattern resembles that of bare fish bones (herring fish to be exact). It is bold, distinctive and timeless.

The herringbone design is a geometrically precise one with repeating patterns, all rectangles or parallelograms. The effect can be created in more than one way using different techniques- Straight 90 degree, Classic, or Stacked/Vertical.

I absolutely love the look of the wood floor! It draws the eye, and is stunning without being overpowering. It creates texture to this large space and adds character and classic charm.

With so many applications and options when choosing color, size and orientation it is no wonder that people are falling in love with herringbone!!

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