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How to Make a Gallery Wall

If you are anything like me, you LOVE a great gallery wall. Timeless and eye catching, gallery walls are a visually stunning way of displaying art, or cherished family photos. But the idea of pulling one together can be overwhelming! I don't follow any hard and fast rule when it comes to creating one, for me it all depends on the look and feel I am going for in a particular space, but the one thing I always do is to lay it out BEFORE I start making any holes in the wall!

I start by measuring the space I want the gallery to fill and then tape off that space on the floor and begin laying out all of the pieces and moving them around until I get the desired look. Once I am happy with my layout I snap a picture and then get to work on hanging everything up on the wall. Sometimes I measure meticulously and others I just wing it depending on the project. Personally I prefer the "wing it method" because it allows for more creativity and causes me A LOT LESS STRESS- but that's just me!

If the design is made up of different size frames or canvases, I prefer to start with the largest piece first and then work around that. It is always a good idea to place the largest piece off center so that the eye travels around the gallery wall, rather that straight to the center of it.

There are so many variations and fun ways to create a stunning gallery wall. You can opt for a specific color palette, or go with a mix and match approach. Adding other elements such as a great looking mirror or a cool piece of wall art you picked up on your last vacation, is a great way to add character and charm to your design and infuse your personal touch into it.

Just remember, have fun with it! Once you are done you won't regret it.

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