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How to Create a Beautiful Guest Bathroom.

Most people aren't focused on the guest bathroom when they are dreaming about the design of their home, but I am here to tell you that EVERY space in your home deserves full attention! To help you make the most of it and give it the love it deserves here are a few tips!


If you are not sure what you want, try drawing inspiration from magazines or websites like Pinterest, or your favorite designer (hint, hint). You can also visit showrooms, or design showcase homes to get those creative juices flowing and determine what you like.

The key is to choose a design that you love while also making it a functional space for your guests.


This is where you may want to consider hiring a professional designer to take a look at the overall size and decide on what elements are needed. Making sure your guests are comfortable and that they have the essentials they need easily accessible should be top of the mind. Some counter space and good lighting go a long way.


You can show love to this space without splurging the same way you might on a master bath or powder room. Today there a lot of beautiful and elegant options for very reasonable prices! A great vanity with a solid countertop that is durable and stylish paired with the right tile can be all you need!


Most of the time guest bathrooms are not very big so you may need to come up with clever storage ideas such as baskets for towels and trays for essentials. Make sure you stock the bathroom with shampoo, soap, toilet paper, and toothpaste- there are a ton of great, stylish storage options available in places like The Container Store, but you can also get creative and design your own.


Last, but not least don't forget to accessorize! A beautiful vase, some candles and luxurious towels are always a win!

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