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How to Choose the Perfect Area Rug

Area rugs have really stepped up their game and I am here for it! Just loving an area rug though, is not enough criteria when it comes to finding the perfect one. Here are few things you will want to consider.

  1. Rug Style: When choosing a style you want make sure, first and foremost, that it flows with your home in that it works with the tones, textures, and existing pieces.

  2. Rug Pattern: I personally LOVE patterns! If you have a lot of solid colors & a solid floor, a patterned area rug will add depth and texture to the room. Conversely, if you have a mix of patterns going on already, you might want to choose a solid rug to add a calming effect and ground the space.

  3. Color: This is a biggie! The color of your area rug will set the tone for the room. If you have a "busy" floor or lots of color in the room, a neutral or solid color rug will usually work best. It really depends on what you are going for- an area rug can either blend in or stand out, so be sure to take this into account when choosing the effect you want for a particular space.

  4. Size: The biggest mistake most people make is choosing the wrong size rug! A good rule of thumb for an average room is to leave about 10 - 20 inches of bare floor between the sides of the rug and the walls; making sure the distance is the same on all 4 sides. In a larger area with an open- concept you can play around a bit more. Decide what you want to highlight and then choose the size accordingly, always keeping in mind that it's better to go too big than too small!

  5. Lifestyle: Be realistic! You may LOVE that luxurious, thick rug that would be PERFECT for your living room BUT... if you have kids and / or pets you are going to want to go another route! That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style but you are going to want to choose the material and pile height to suit your needs.

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