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Game Room : Game Changer

I am a firm believer that every area in a home creates an opportunity for great design, and the game room is no exception; if you are lucky enough to have the space for one it is the perfect place to get creative.

This gorgeous Game Room from Alexander Design is the perfect example of how elegance and function can come together to create a seamless, fun play area in the home that flows with the space and adds character. While not kid friendly, it is perfect for adults to indulge their inner child!

Creating a family friendly Game Room that is also stylish is totally doable! With so many kid and pet friendly options available today you are sure to find just the right look that fits your needs and your style.

The key to creating the perfect Game Room is balancing your family's needs and wants. A family with small children should take into consideration what fabrics and surfaces to choose as well as what sort of games and activities will cater to the little ones and incorporate age appropriate games and toys. A family with older children or adult couples has a bit more flexibility and can "play" around with a few more options, such as incorporating a bar area and a dart board to go along with the TV, and Pool Table.

Whatever the choice, as always, it is important to remember to have fun and not be afraid to experiment. When you elevate your space you elevate your mood and a great Game Room is a sure way to bring a lot of fun and laughter into any home.

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