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Friday Five!

Let's talk about FIVE things I am loving at the moment:

  1. House of Lilac. Do yourself a favor and follow them on Instagram! They create beautifully designed and unique arrangements. Located in Miami, they have local and national delivery, and if you live in the city they also have a brick and mortar shop you will want to check out.

2. Big 5 Rum As the slogan says: Florida made, Cuban inspired, enjoyed everywhere. My favorite flavor is the Coconut but they also have Silver, Spiced & Cafecito (cuban coffee). It's currently available in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Maryland, and New York.

3. Hoka One Shoes

My husband bought me a pair of these shoes for Valentine's Day and I LOVE them. These are for trail running but they have a variety of styles, colors, and training types.

4. This Ecru denim jumpsuit from Zara is so cute! I can't wait for warmer weather to arrive here in Georgia so I can FINALLY wear mine!

5. Hello Candy!! I have a MAJOR sweet tooth and Smart Sweets are THE BEST low carb, low calorie, low sugar candy I have ever had. You can buy them online or in stores ( I get mine at Target!). Trust me, if you have a sweet tooth but want to stay in shape, give these a try.

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