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Don't be Afraid of the Dark!

Dark colors often seem to get a bad rap in design but, when done right, they are beautiful, dramatic, and completely eye catching! Far from feeling gloomy and sad, dark rooms have a comfortable, warm, full of life feel.

One of the main concerns about using dark colors is that they will make a room look small... FALSE! The fact that dark colors can be dramatic makes them perfect for adding a big dose of character to a smaller space making the room actually feel more grand in scale. In my opinion, when it comes to using dark colors in a small room, the rule is... go for it!

It's important to create balance in design and this especially applies when using dark colors in any space of your home. Adding a mix of materials and textures is a must as they will both compliment and contrast your decor- just don't over do it! Sometimes adding a single bold statement that stands out from the dark colors is all you need.

Lastly, when you are dealing with a dark color palette it's important to keep them interesting and fresh! A perfect way to do that is to consider using different finishes within the space- such as using high gloss on the ceiling, trim, and any beams. Don't shy away from going bold if you love dark tones, have fun with it and the end result will be sure to give you all the feels.

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