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Behind the Scenes

When I first meet a client, whether it be on the phone or in person, the first thing I look for is whether or not I connect in some way with them. Is the conversation easy? Does it flow? Does there seem to be a mutual understanding between us and the way we communicate? All of these things are important to me and the way I go about designing for my clients.

The mechanics of design are part of every project: budget, scope, measuring, renderings, dealing with contractors and sub contractors, sourcing the materials etc. However the most important element to successful design, in my opinion, is the connection between the client and the designer. In order to interpret what my clients want and to be able to apply my expertise and deliver, my goal is to always approach every project through their eyes and determine what they want out of the design and the best way to execute that while guiding them through the process.

Once I know we are a good match and all terms have been discussed and agreed upon, I move on to determining their style. Everyone has a style, most people just don't know it- they will say " I know what I don't like", or "I know what I like when I see it, but I don't know how to put it together"... well there is a style in there somewhere, I promise! I always ask for photos or Pinterest boards they may have depicting spaces they like, and I begin sending them photos of ideas I think will work well with their wants, needs and likes.

With the style established, we begin the process of measuring, designing layouts and creating a vision for the space; then, we can move on to sourcing materials. So for a bathroom, for example, I would begin to look around for tiles, fixtures, lighting, vanities and so forth and present the different options to the client- once we have it narrowed down the ordering can begin!

Once everything has arrived, the real fun begins! Installing, styling, & accessorizing are the final steps in process. Tying everything together and adding personal touches helps make the house a home and brings the clients dream home to life.

If you are looking to remodel, build, or just revamp your home contact us today and set up an initial meeting!

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