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Who doesn't love a great transformation? Remodels and re- designs are some of my favorite projects but you don't always have to go all out to transform the look of room; sometimes just adding some fresh new accessories can do the trick!

For this project we felt that we wanted to bring some life and character to the family room and being that this particular home is a rental, we knew we could not make any major modifications. Keeping that in mind we decided the best way to go about breathing some life into the space would be to accentuate the fireplace.

To achieve the look we started with a great looking gold rimmed mirror as our focal point and then chose some great accents to compliment and pull the space together. Creating balance is important so we used varying heights and textures, both on the mantel, and on the floor in order to create a pleasant cohesive look and feel. As you can see in the pictures, a little really can go a long way!

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