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Bar Cart Styling Ideas

A bar cart is the perfect piece to add to that empty corner of your living room. But a stylish cart requires some attention in order to make sure it flows with your decor and puts your personal style on display. It's important to choose the right size cart for your needs and the look that you are trying to accomplish. Once you have your cart... let the fun begin!


Keep it simple. You want to create a balance, so stay away from loading up your cart with all the liquor and wine bottles you own. Instead add a couple of your favorite bottles and use a decanter and your favorite glassware to add another layer of style and depth.


Mix in some unique looking bottles, don't just stick to your run of the mill liquor store bought ones. Try checking out some small mom and pop stores; you just might find your new favorite spirit with beautiful packaging to accent your cart.


Now for the real fun! Adding artwork , colorful coasters & straws, as well as books and fun bar accessories will bring charm, style and color to your cart.


No cart is complete without fresh flowers to bring in a touch of softness and add vibrancy and texture. Using seasonal flowers is an easy way to switch up your cart throughout the year.

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