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Avoid These Design Mistakes

NO. 1 Hanging Art at the Wrong Level

(Judith Bales Interiors)

The biggest mistake most people make when hanging up their artwork is that they tend to go too high. When hanging art you always have to take the space into account and it is always a good idea to measure if you are unsure! I am not a huge fan of "rules" when it comes to interior design, I tend to lean more towards how something actually looks or feels in a space, but I would say that a good starting point for hanging artwork would be :

  1. Hang single artwork pieces at eye level

  2. When creating gallery walls use grouping and spacing

  3. Treat two pieces as one when determining spacing

NO. 2 Overdoing Trends

Although some trends are better than others,

and some have actually become mainstream

and are no longer considered trends- you want to stay away from overdoing it!

If you want to style a truly unique space, stop following fads and follow your heart and your instincts instead. Just because something is popular doesn't mean it is right for you. Make choices based on your personal aesthetic and you will be sure to fall in love with your home all over again!


Most people do not think about lighting when considering the design of a space, they basically go with whatever overhead lighting already exists or whatever is drawn in a plan- BUT lighting is actually a key element used by designers. I absolutely love lighting, and I recommend layering your lighting, meaning- having several sources of light at different heights AND having dimmers on overhead lighting so that you can control the amount and intensity of light. Using warm lighting is also a MUST- it sets the tone and mood of the space and keeps it from feeling detached and harsh.


(Our Faux Farm House- by Holy)

This is one of the biggest mistakes most people make. Dimensions can be deceiving to the naked eye- my advice is to ALWAYS measure your space AND the items you intend to purchase for it!


(William McClure Design)

I know a lot of people have a black thumb- myself included if I am being honest- but really plants, and greenery are a beautiful way of adding texture, color and life to your design. There are a lot of plants out there that require very little maintenance and can go a long way in livening up your decor BUT even if low maintenance is too much for you, don't be afraid to go faux! The main thing is that you bring an element of warmth and vitality to your space.



Buying a lot of smaller pieces and accents to avoid making a big purchase on a WOW item such as beautiful mirrors , arm chairs, or a sofa is a big mistake people often make. You end up with a lot of "things" but not with a great design. It is better to buy the WOW item (even if you have to save for it and wait a bit- or hunt around for a bargain) and design around that! Find a piece you absolutely love and go for it!

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