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7 Gorgeous House Plants That Will Elevate Your Design

Bringing plants into your home is a way to freshen up the space, while adding color, texture, and depth to the interior design of your home. A lot of times people do not consider this an option because they are terrible at, or know nothing about taking care of plants! I must admit, I do not have a green thumb BUT I absolutely love having greenery in my home. So if you are like me, and want to add some fresh plants to your interior this list is for you- hope you find it helpful!


These are GREAT! They do very well in bright sunlight and require very little watering, so if you forget, don’t worry… these little guys are gonna make it!


This is another plant that requires very little watering ( are you sensing a theme?- I forget to water my plants… a lot!). The Jade holds water in it’s leaves and can go up to month without being watered (not recommended but just sayin’). Place in a sunlit area of your home and water when the soil feels dry.

NO. 3 Rubber Plant

Also known as Ficus Elástica - Rubber trees can measure over 100 feet tall in their native Asia, but regular pruning will keep the ornamental variety in check. A potted rubber tree tolerates bright direct light, but put it in a slightly more shaded spot and it will thank you for it. Water when the soil has dried out — about every week or so.


Calling all black thumbs: This one has earned the nickname "devil's ivy" for its ability to withstand nearly pitch-black conditions as well as under- and over-watering. You really have to work hard to kill this one…


These plants add an exotic touch! It’s best to water Bromeliads with rainwater or distilled water- If the plant hasn’t gotten too big- you can just take it outside when it rains. Be sure to drain any water that remains standing in the tray so the stagnant water does not damage the plant.


Orchids are pretty forgiving and do not require a lot of water- once a week or week and half is usually good. These orchids prefer low light and humid climates, but they are overall very resilient, while looking delicate and very elegant.


I mean, COME ON! How gorgeous is this? This plant requires a lot of sun light and little watering - and look how absolutely stunning it is! Most people would not consider a plant to be a statement piece but combining the Yucca plant with a striking large planter absolutely makes a statement!

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